Color Pops and How To Use Them

Neutral tones have been a huge trend in interior design. They can appear airy, reflect more light, make rooms seem more spacious and promote a calming, clean environment. Some may find them too plain, boring or lacking in character but we think they are super exciting to work with when furnishing your home! If you have a lot of white walls, off-yellows and neutral shades that you are looking to add to, why not consider giving your room a ‘color pop’ element?

We go through some of the ways you can do this without overloading and overstimulating yours and your visitors eyes! Too many colors and patterns can be a bad thing, but when done in the right way, a color pop can draw attention to a certain item or area of the room and bring prominence to your space. Start with transient items like a bowl of citrus fruits for some splashes of lime green, lemon yellow and oranges, or a colorful vase of flowers if you’re not brave enough to commit to full-on primary paints and patterns yet. Your room is your canvas, and what better way to play with or showcase those beloved items of furniture than with bright, bold colors!

Go Rainbow with Recycling

Color Pops with a story are a great addition to any room as they can catch guest’s attention and provide a great talking piece! Take these up-cycled PET chandeliers, for example. Integrating Colombian traditions, environmental elements and color, they brighten the room and look fantastic!

Go Purple like Prince

Purple has always been linked to luxury, royalty and elegance. Who wouldn’t want to be represented like this! Add the element of purple through cushions, kitchen utensils, transient items such as flowers, accessories or wall paint to give off some serious Prince vibes.

Get Artsy

Abstract and Pop Art styles really lend themselves to neutral rooms and can make any bare wall more prominent and eye catching. We love using art as a color pop as you can find a great piece to really represent YOU. Art is a good conversation starter and seems sophisticated if matched consistently with other accessories in the room.

Patterns are your Pals!

Patterns shout FUN and should be added to rooms in need of a color pop. Nurseries, children’s rooms, or any room you want to make seem ‘less serious’ will benefit from some spots, stripes or fun patterns! Try to mix them in the forms of rugs, cushions, throws and accent chairs and see what works best for you. We are obsessing over the primary accent chair trend right now and contrasting primary color pillow.

Use Warm Hues

Warm Hues accentuate the coziness of a room. You can try painting one wall a warm color, or add some accessories to matching woods and earthy textures to invite warmth and color into your space. This works well for living rooms and ‘rustic’ style homes.

However way you choose to experiment with color let us know in the comments below, we’d love to see your ideas. For more information on accent chairs, wall art, or accessories please check our website or visit us in store.

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